Hallowed Ground

The Dume Room

Tucked into an ageing strip mall along an affluent stretch of PCH in Malibu, The Dume Room squatted like a transient on Rodeo Drive (pronounced roDAY-o, for you fly-over dwellers). Dislodged former locals and current celebrity neighbors squeezed into this smoky, apartment-sized den of iniquity to swill stiff cocktails and suck up lungfuls of carcinogens.

The thought of a fight breaking out in Malibu invokes visions of botoxed celebutants, or litigious suits. NOT at the Dume Room. Liquid courage flowed freely there. Nearly every weekend saw misplaced Pepperdine students and disgruntled former residents taking deserved swings at each other. Refreshing, I must say, for this southern boy. In fact, I nearly joined the club when a first date decided to opt out, and hitch her wagon to Martin Sheen's lesser-known Hispanic son. Can't really blame her though, I took her to THE DUME ROOM! Nice of the bartender to make sure he picked up my tab along with my date. She resurfaced a few days later with some pretty cool stories.

The Dume Room's fate was sealed from the start. Money can't buy cool, but it can sure get rid of it. The place closed back in '06, and last I checked, they still hadn't opened the Starbucks that was slated for it's spot. Hmmm...


  1. Christine SetzerMay 5, 2010 at 11:46 PM

    Subway baby......that's whats goin' in there............DUME ROOM to a SUBWAY????? I don't care who ya are, if you like the sandwiches or not....thats just WRONG!! Brought Joe Strummer there...when he used to stay with us on the Point. Sorry for the name drop......(Kieth u understand)......He thought it was great....And you could SMOKE!! That's why they call em the good ole days.....Thats one of the reasons I'm a outa this town...the mind set (not the Dume room). Keith you'll have a sister "Mullet in Nashville soon when she dries out...

  2. Subway? Starbucks? What's the difference, right? I met a guy in OKC of all places, who CLAIMED to have purchased the bar top on the last night for $5k . He said there were some cool autographs on the underside. Apparently, the top was flipped over sometime after Steve Mcqueen and his pals carved their messages.

    It would be much harder to stay on the road if the Dume Room was still open. You're in luck, I'm pretty sure these things FLOAT!

    Bon Voyage...



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