Spinning Wheels

Welcome blahgers! Click around and you will find that I have added a few things to the site this week. I know some are hard to find, but I kinda prefer it that way. Like life, you get out what you put in. Speaking of...it's been an exciting off-season getting the Zeppelin ready for the road in 2010. We logged upwards of 10,000 miles last year, and could clearly double that if (when) all goes as planned this year.

In other news, I'm giving one random follower a Black Cat Bar t-shirt at the end of April. That's right - sign up as a follower and you may receive a free t-shirt honoring the coolest extinct live music venue ever to serve up a cold hotdog on 6th street in Austin. These highly coveted shirts are available only on the Unleaded Zeppelin, and are in limited supply. Stay tuned as random followers will be rewarded periodically with additional freebies and other underground info. If you have issues navigating the follower sign up, email unleadedzeppelin@gmail.com, and I'll add you manually.

Ramble on...


What the. . .

Where would you go, if you didn't HAVE to be anywhere? As captain of the Silver Mullet, this is the question I face every day. A long-time peddler of baubles and bling; I am fortunate to have developed friendships in the music and motorcycle industries. These relationships provide the kind of unique access most would kill for. The dilemma was how to combine a passion for off-beat travel and a raging live music addiction in a way that would keep the bills paid, and my rig topped off. Why not a mobile lounge that showcases hard-to-find art and accessories geared toward musicians and other rugged individualists? Easy enough... what could POSSIBLY go wrong!

The typical day begins in a random parking lot, but may end backstage at the closest music festival. Most days involve stops at greasy spoons, flea markets, filling stations, rodeos, rattlesnake hunts, and any other "shiny objects" that require exploration. The goal is always to seek out unique experiences or individuals, and mine the stories within. What follows is part diary and part guide book, but mostly a chronicle of one rambling Pursuit of Happiness.

Ramble On...


Click on the images below to trace our initial return to So Cal from Louisiana.

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