Magical Misdemeanor Tour

The smoke has barely cleared from the Waffle House-esque ass-whuppin' fellow FREEDOM BROTHER Kid Rock laid on the sold-out crowd at the Joint in Tulsa a few weeks back...not to mention the multi-day recovery required from the Jim Beam infused  afterparty. OUCH!  Suck it up liver, here comes round two!

This may be the most aptly named set of shows on record.  The Magical Misdemeanor Tour, combines two of music's most independent spirits.  Oklahoma's own Cody Canada has been packing houses in these parts for close to 20 years.  Shooter Jennings embodies the outlaw spirit featured in  much of his Daddy's music.  These cats take no prisoners.

The Departed, Cody's hard-rockin red dirt supergroup, is poised to eclipse the memory of his softer CCR roots.  While Shooter's new album "Family Man" is said to be a return to his country heritage. Drop this volatile mix into Tulsa's legendary Cain's Ballroom and sparks are sure to fly.  Bob Wills  may not have done it this way, but you can bet he wouldn't miss this show!

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  1. Another unforgettable night at The Cain's. Add Uncle Lucius to the list of bands I will travel great distances to see live. Shooter's new material is a welcomed return to his roots, and his new band from "NEW YORK CITY" was as country & western as any that have graced the stage at Cain's recently.

    Don't let The Departed's Seth James' western lid confuse the fact that he is a wicked guitar slinger in a bad-ass rock band. I'm anxious to hear what these boys lay down on their first collection of original tunes.

    Lastly...Uncle Lucius' version of Black Sabbath's War Pigs was everything I had heard about, and more. EPIC!


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